The nomadism as context is no longer a vision of a future scenario for society, is the present in which we live, which is necessary to eliminate the reality of the “use it and throw it when not needed”.

Netto is a reflection about a typology of elements, with the capacity to adapt to current needs and context, based on the flexibility provided by a material like fabric, and modular metal structure.

To enjoy sharing a moment while keeping certain privacy, and with a couple of gestures to adapt the space for other needs.

The same way the disappearance of many of the everyday objects in our homes because of the rise multifunction and new technologies, make us have less things and keep just the ones that are important and gives a sense of identity to us.

That’s why in this project we wanted to use a material that provides  full quality and also adds that identity feeling to the user. We are glad to have the opportunity to use Febrik fabrics, a young brand but with a strong background and  experience, and a complete sense of current trends.

Part of the textile industry in Europe focused disappeared or had to relocate their production in countries of East and Asia due to the need to reduce costs.

As a result of this new reality, the disappearance of businesses and craftsmen gives rise to reinvent to highlight and provide new solutions.

Textile used; SPRINKLES designed by  Bertjan Pot